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Sylheti Coronavirus informational videos

By 15th January 2021Current Events

Our project, CoronAwareness, focusses specifically on the Sylheti, Pahari and Pahstun communities – communities with a strong oral tradition – and we have produced videos communicating key health messages in those languages, most recently in Sylheti.

There has been a lot of interest in the theme that we are trying to highlight about how to integrate risk into our lives – vulnerability, risk, and societal impact – and guiding people on how to make nuanced decisions that are situational in the context of constantly changing guidance, i.e. how to make calculated risks bearing in mind the complexities of what puts us at higher risk.

CoronAwareness seeks to fill a gap in official messaging to target the communities who have objectively been hard hit by the pandemic and who are not being adequately reached by existing communication.

Your support in sharing and disseminating the videos among the Bengali Sylheti communities would be invaluable to our cause and we would be most grateful if you could endorse and share our messages.

The Sylheti videos are up and published on our YouTube channel (they can be found under the #SylhetiCoronAwareness hashtag) and we are also active on Twitter and Facebook.

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