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Step into the rich tapestry of East London’s cultural heritage through the Oral Histories section. At the heart of this journey is Cockney Rhyming Slang, a linguistic treasure trove that’s both a starting point and a vibrant thread in the fabric of a diverse community. But we delve deeper. Explore the multitude of voices that call East London home, each narrating their unique stories, experiences, and connections to this remarkable region. Welcome to the immersive world of East London’s linguistic and cultural evolution, where every voice tells a tale worth listening to.

Swadhinata Trust collaborated on this project. Val Harding and Ansar Ahmed Ullah from the Swadhinata Trust conducted interviews with Julie Begum, Tony Stevens, Obin Ahmed Layla, Harris Ali and Alice Sielle for the project.

Recordings and transcriptions are available on the website


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