Bengali Info magazine jointly published by the members of the Swadhinata Trust and the Nirmul Committee has opened its pages to Bengali young people as part of our policy to let your voice be heard. If you are interested and have something original to say on any topic why not write for this magazine.

Articles, poems, stories, essays or whatever are all welcome or if you would like to get involved in the other ways-like editing and producing this magazine-that’s okay too. Write to us with your ideas on how you would like to work with us. Write to the Editor, Bengali Info, at

The Editor reserves the right to edit material for publication. The opinions in the articles may not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial board.

If you would like to request a copy of the magazine, please use the above email address.

Some of our publications include:

‘Shadinata’ compilation by Ansar Ahmed Ullah et al published in 1994 by Nirmul Committee

‘Remembering World War One’s Army of Bengali Workers by Ansar Ahmed Ullah’ (PDF, 272KB)

‘Bengali Language Movement’ by Julie Begum published in 1996 by Nirmul Committee

Directory to assist secular activists and defenders: Bangladeshi Free Thinkers under Threat (PDF, 611KB)

‘Exploring Banglatown and the Bengali East End’ by Dan Jones published by Tower Hamlets Council (researched by Swadhinata Trust) in 2004

‘Tales of Three Generations of Bengalis  in Britain’ by John Eade et al published by NirmulCommittee in 2006

‘Tales of Three Generations of Bengalis  in Britain-Teachers Note’ by Bhavini Algarra et al published by Nirmul Committee in 2006

‘Bengalis in London’s East End’ by Ansar Ahmed Ullah & John Eversley published by Swadhinata Trust in 2010 (PDF, 166KB)

Swadhinata Trust Book Sale (PDF, 381KB)

Seminar Report on Countering Extremism, 10 March 2011 (PDF, 514 KB)

Swadhinata Trust Feasibility Study by Daniele Lamarche produced in 2000. The study sets out the key findings on behalf of the Trust, supported by the Central Stepney Regeneration Team, with funding from the European Regional Development Fund (PDF, 515KB)

Bengalis in East London: A community in the making for 500 years by Danielle Lamarche (PDF, 99KB)