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Interviewee profiles and full transcripts (Strand 3)

By 7th July 2017October 10th, 2017Bengalis in the Britain

Strand Three Profiles

Tales of three generations of Bengalis in the Britain

Strand Three – Popular culture
between tradition and innovation across three generations, mainly focussing on traditional and more recent British Bengali musical heritage, from the 1970s-80s

Introduction to the 3rd strand by Ansar Ahmed Ullah & Jamil Iqbal

Below are links to the interviewee pages for this strand of the Oral History Project. The full transcript of the interviews (rather than the edited versions which appear in the book) are reproduced on these pages along with a profiles of the interviewees.

Interviewee NameInterview DateInterviewer
Mr.Abdul Lotif01 _ Apr _ 06Jamil Iqbal, Abdul Aziz and Riza Momin
Mr.Abdus Salique18 _ May _ 06Jamil Iqbal
Ms.Alberta Fatima Matin06 _ Apr _ 06Jamil Iqbal and Natasha Jalal
Mr.Alaur Rahman07 _ Apr _ 06Jamil Iqbal
Mr.Ashfaq Kazi (Minto)22 _ May _ 06Jamil Iqbal
Mr.Deeder Zaman25 _ Apr _ 06Jamil Iqbal
Mr. Himangshu Goswami05 _ Apr _ 06Jamil Iqbal
Mr.Hassan Ismail28 _ Mar _ 06Jamil Iqbal
Mr. Kishon Khan21 _ Apr _ 06Jamil Iqbal and Ansar Ahmed Ullah
Mr.Mark Uddin28 _ Mar _ 06Jamil Iqbal
Mr. Sam Zaman28 _ Mar _ 06Jamil Iqbal
Mr. Samiul Islam (June)22 _ Apr _ 06Jamil Iqbal
Ms. Shahin Badar13 _ Apr _ 06Jamil Iqbal
Mr. Shohid Jolil15 _ Jun _ 06Jamil Iqbal
Ms. Suzana Ansar17 _ May _ 06Jamil Iqbal


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