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Communication inequalities and minority ethnic groups

By 15th August 2022Blog

Communication inequalities and minority ethnic groups: Lessons learned from UK Bangladeshi experiences of the pandemic   

DATE: September 21, 2021  

TIME: 1:00PM – 2:00PM (1 hour) 

In this webinar moderated by Julie Begum, we will share the findings from a collaborative project between King’s College London linguists and community researchers of the Swadhinata Trust examining UK Bangladeshi experiences of the pandemic. We will discuss how sharing an oral language – an uncodified language with no widely used written form – has had profound consequences for how emerging information about the risks of COVID is accessed, understood and acted upon in such communities. We will also hear from the linguists and activists involved in our outreach project CoronAwareness, and present our animated film that tells the story of the community through the eyes of a Bangladeshi family living in East London. As the event title suggests, the focus will be on how researchers, policy makers, health practitioners and civil society can work together to build more effective and equitable communication practices for UK’s minority ethnic communities.

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