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British Bangladeshi Women: Past, Present & Covid (in English only)

By 15th August 2022Blog

British Bangladeshi Women: Past, Present & Covid (in English only)

This event is brought to you by BritBanglaCovid and supported by Swadhinata Trust to get British Bangladeshi women talk about issues that matter to them.

There are misconceptions about Bangladeshi women linked with force marriages, ‘Jihadi bride’, being submissive to men among so many different stereo types.

Also, how did the pandemic impact Bangladeshi women? Let’s find out about it as part of the Women’s History Month from the point of view of British Bangladeshi women (in English).

As part of this meeting on 13 March 2022 at 3pm on Zoom, Bangladeshi women practitioners, writers and and community leaders are to share their experience as never done before.

This event is co-hosted by Her Honour Judge Khatun Sapnara and Ripon Ray.

Thank you for listening to the voices of British Bangladeshi women during the pandemic! The event is open to everyone regardless of your race, and gender.

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Women’s History Month runs from 1-31 March 2022

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