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Aldgate East My Neighbourhood Phase 2 : Highlights

By 18th July 2019Current Events

Quotes from Aldgate East My Neighbourhood phase 2 participants:

“I’ve made some really good friends and very much hope to stay in touch” 

“I have extremely enjoyed the whole experience and met very interesting people who I would love to stay in touch with, including yourself” 

“…It is a group project which you are managing wonderfully! People are much more confident and relaxed now and know what they are doing.  And of course the group is now bonded, everyone is upbeat and proactively takes initiative.” 

“It was one of the best experiences of my life, never I would have imagined that one day I would have shared something so incredible with such a fantastic group of people, on the rooftop of a mosque where I had cluelessly walked by so many times. All the interviews, and especially the one today, have been very powerful for me because it wasn’t only about learning about buildings or history or whatever, but it was truly like stepping into people’s lives, establishing a connection that goes beyond the simple ‘take 1; camera rolling’ and that ultimately shows that people are full of surprises and full of love “

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