Secularism and the Bengali Diaspora

The National Secular Society invited Swadhinata Trust to attend a networking event titled ‘Secularism and the Bengali Diaspora‘ at Toynbee Hall, 28 Commercial St, London E1 6LS on 21/04/2022 at 3:00 pm. 

NSS hosted this free event for the local community to come together and explore secularist issues within the Bengali diaspora community and discuss how to promote secularism in the face of rising religious fundamentalism in South Asia.

Speakers included secularist activist Ansar Ahmed Ullah, who talked about secularism within the context of the South Asian diaspora. He was joined by Ajanta Deb Roy, founder and director of advocacy group Be Humane First, to explain how anti-secular propaganda on social media affects the diaspora community and Syed Enamul Islam, executive president of the International Forum for Secular Bangladesh UK, also spoke on promoting secularism at the community level and developing strong networks to share ideas.