Services we offer Universities and/or other academic institutions

Oral History Interviews

Translations services

Community Engagement

Services we offer for organisations wanting to your develop audiences

Initial meeting and/or consultancy,  £90

Full day: £200

Services we offer for schools, sixth form centers and colleges

Bengalis in Britain Workshops: £60 for up to 2 hours per session with groups up to 20 young people per session.

Topics included:-

  • Homeland part 1  (Historical background) part 2 ( Creation of Bangladesh)
  • Arrival (Origins of Bengal community in Britain)
  • Banglatown part 1 (Focus on the Bengali community in Tower Hamlets) part 2 (Racism and the murder of Altab Ali) part 3 (Youth Mobilisation – Getting Active)
  • Changing Times part 1 (The British Bengali community today) part 2 (A taste of Banglatown) part 3 (Lost in Translation)

Would require an initial consultation & development of programme prior to any activity in addition see above.

Services we offer public Galleries, Community Centers and other public buildings

Bengalis in Britain Exhibition:

£20 per day in Tower Hamlets + insurance and transport

outside London £50 + travel & exhibition cost + insurance

Services we offer for cultural and heritage events

Swadhinata Trust speakers for seminars/conferences: £200 + travel expenses

Topics include:-

International Women’s Day profiles on

  • Begum Rokeya
  • Jahanara Imam
  • Indian Suffragettes in Britain
  • Women Unite Against Racism
  • Bengalis in Britain

Services we offer to individuals and/or groups

Guided tour of Brick Lane, exploring Banglatown and the Bengali East End

£10 per person or £20 with Bengali refershments

Services we offer for festivals and special events

Alpona Art workshops £150 per day (materials provided)

Chanachur making workshops £100 per day (materials and equipment not provided)

Protest Placard making workshops £200 (materials not provided)

Swadhinata Trust Publications we offer included

  • Tales of Three Generations of Bengalis in Britain – an oral history and socio-cultural heritage project
  • Bengalis in Britain – Teachers Notes
  • Bengalis in London’s East End
  • Countering Extremism Report
  • Bangladeshi Bloggers Under Threat

Services we offer to theatres and other performance venues

The Altab Ali Story play written by Julie Begum, depending on cast and crew availability

Film of The Altab Altab Story written by Julie Begum for screenings in cinemas and other venues